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Beijing Taihe Likang Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd.,  located in Beijing  Zhongguancun high tech park,  founded in 2000,  is a high-tech  company dedicated  to the promotion  of world leading  technology  products.

Taihe Likang in life science is the combination of science and technology,  and clinical practice,  scientific research and application platform, perfect for customers. Company to the gold medal team as the backing,  research and  domestic and foreign well-known colleges and universities, and hospitals,  carry out the development route to clinical application from medical research, mining the vast potential market, and provide comprehensive technical services.

Excellent technical team and AstraZeneca has standardized international enterprise architecture, personnel structure mainly consists of scientific research  talents, a Ph. D. in leader, staff in the master's degree and above accounted for the total number of 48%. A team of experts including Europe and the United States senior scientists and experienced clinicians, remarkable achievements, expand an escort of technology and market of the company.

Taihe technology platform complete Kang developed from research to clinical technology platform, to  provide users with comprehensive solutions from research to application, and truly let you close, rest assured.

Services in the field of Taihe Likang reputation in the medical, nerve physiology and psychology, molecular biology, cell biology,  gene and  proteomics and other life sciences. The company has including Peking University, Tsinghua University,  Chinese Academy of  Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and many famous hospitals, user.

Social responsibility as a member of society, a full range of services and Li Kang is not only committed to the field of life science  research, but also a more social sense of responsibility and  mission. The company  actively  participated in various social welfare undertakings, on long-term aid to the disaster area and poor children, embodies the Taihe Likang conscience personhood, put one's heart and soul into social service business philosophy.

We will as in the past to uphold rigorous, serious attitude, to provide professional, efficient service to your academic needs!