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The second brain control system and computational neuroscience Symposium

2nd Workshop on Brain Control System and Computational Neuroscience

Beijing Tailikang Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. will solely sponsor the 2nd Symposium on Brain Control Systems and Computational Neuroscience, which will be held at East China University of Technology in Shanghai on May 24, 2017. The purpose of the seminar was to enable scientists and researchers to present and discuss the latest developments in the design of brain-computer interface systems and the processing of EEG signals, covering a wide range of research areas ranging from brain biology to computational technology. Brain-computer interface (BCI) provides the possibility of a new multidisciplinary technology that allows users to directly control external devices by relying on the nervous system. The successful implementation of this method involves some challenges, including the design of a new BCI paradigm, the study of new algorithms in computational neuroscience, the development of intelligent control systems based on BCI, and the application of neural engineering and rehabilitation engineering.            

The conference invited the world-renowned brain computer interface experts from several countries to come to the conference to make reports:


Professor Li Yuanqing South China University of Technology          

Professor Yao de Zhong University of Electronic Science and technology            

Professor Li Xiaoli Beijing Normal University          

Professor Xu Guanghua Xi'an Jiao Tong University


Dean Krusienski, Associate Professor, Old Dominion University, USA

Tzyy-Ping Jung, Professor, University of California San Diego, USA


Professor Gao Xiaorong Tsinghua University            

Professor Hong Bo Tsinghua University            

Professor Lv Baoliang Shanghai Jiao Tong University            

Professor Zhang Liqing Shanghai Jiao Tong University            

Professor Zhou Zongtan National University of Defense Technology            

Professor Xu Peng, University of Electronic Science and technology of China            

Professor Wang Yijun, Institute of semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences            

Professor Jin Jing, East China University of Science and Technology            

Professor Yang Banghua Shanghai Univer            

Professor Zhang Dingguo Shanghai Jiao Tong University            

Professor Cong Feng Yu, Dalian University of Technology