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The eighth IEEE EMBS International Conference on Neural Engineering

Beijing Tailikang Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. will sponsor the 8th IEEE EMBS International Congress on Neural Engineering. IEEE EMBS is a grand gathering of global neuroscientists and has been dedicated to providing a powerful platform for academic experts and business elites from the field of Neurology at home and abroad. Delegates can share research experience and keep abreast of the latest research trends in the industry, thus promoting the continuous progress of neuroscience research. At the same time, we will introduce overseas Chinese neuroscientists and international leading research projects to promote the rapid development of neuroscience research in China. Topics of the conference include: breakthrough research in frontier neuroscience, new neurotechnology, clinical practice, drug discovery of neurological diseases, youth scientists forum, project docking and business cooperation. From the organizational form of the meeting, there are plenary meetings, special lectures, Academic Exhibition boards, project docking, cooperation and negotiation, product promotion meeting and enterprise product technology exhibition and other forms.            

The four-day conference consists of two thematic forums and speeches to showcase the latest research findings, presenting state-of-the-art products and technologies through corporate booths and Academic Exhibition boards. It can exchange ideas with participants from all over the world, build new social networks and enhance friendship. The famous scientists gathered together, which is a feast of science. It can exchange ideas with famous scholars, establish new social networks, and cultivate mutual friendship.            

The 8th IEEE EMBS International Congress on Neural Engineering will be held in Shanghai from May 25 to 28, 2017. Beijing Tailikang Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. on behalf of the IEEE EMBS Project Organizing Committee, invites you to participate!            

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