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2019 smart healthcare and rehabilitation Forum



Bioreco Sciences Limited will exclusively sponsor the 2019 smart medical and rehabilitation forum, which is sponsored by the Chinese society of biological engineering, and is sponsored by the school of information science and engineering of East China University of science and technology, medical school of Tianjin University, Institute of biomechanics and rehabilitation technology of National Rehabilitation assistive devices research center, School of mechanical and electrical engineering and automation of Shanghai University, China It is jointly organized by the "intelligent rehabilitation and ergonomics" group of the society of biomedical engineering. The forum will be held in Shanghai East China University of science and technology on May 18, 2019. The purpose of the forum is to enable scientists and researchers to propose and discuss the design of brain computer interface system, EEG signal processing and the research and application of brain computer interface in the field of medical rehabilitation.


The meeting was divided into two parts: expert theme report and expert forum discussion. On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the conference, Bioreco Sciences Limited sincerely invites you to participate!

The list of participants is as follows:

Honorary Chairs

Prof. Feng Qian, Prof. Changsheng Liu, Prof. Xiaosong Gu, Prof. Xingyu Wang, Prof. Suiren Wan

General Chairs

Yubo Fan, Wenli Du, Dong Ming

Local Organization Chairs:

Jing Jin, Zengyong Li

Technical Committee:

Xun Chen,Yan Chen, Fengyu Cong, Huiguang He, Wensheng Hou, Jing Jin, Wanzeng Kong, Ting Li,Zengyong Li,Haijun Niu,Yugang Niu, Yu Sun,Yijun Wang, Ping Xie, Peng Xu, Banghua Yang,Weimin Zhong, Ying Zhang

Organizational Committee:

Chair: Guangjian Ni

Co-Chairs: Shixiong Chen,Xiaogang Chen, Chenyun Dai, Yunfa Fu, Xiaoyu Liu, Dongyuan Lǚ,Wenxin Niu, Bei Wang, Guojian Wang, Kai Wang, Lejun Wang, Jinyan Sun,Tian Wang, Dong Wen, Xiaofei Xiao, Minpeng Xu, Jing Ye, Erwei Yin, Jianhai Zhang


Keynote Speake:

Prof. Xiaosong Gu,Tianjin University; Nantong University

Prof. Changsheng Liu, East China University of Science and Technology

Prof. Tzyy-Ping Jung, University of California San Diego

Prof. Dean J. Krusienski,Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr. Gunther Krausz,CBO, g.tec

Prof. Suiren Wan, Southeast University

Prof. Yubo Fan, National Research Center for Rehabilitation Technical Aids

Prof. Dong Ming, Tianjin University

Prof. He Cui, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Jue Wang, Xi'an Jiaotong University

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Industry Forum Keynote Speaker:

Prof. Zengyong Li, National Research Center for Rehabilitation Technical Aids

Prof. Haijun Niu,Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Prof. Wensheng Hou, Chongqing University

Prof. Huiguang He, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Fengyu Cong, Dalian University of Technology

Prof. Wanzeng Kong, Hangzhou Dianzi University

Prof. Yijun Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Peng Xu, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Prof. Guangjian Ni, Tianjin University

Prof. Ping Xie, Yanshan University

Prof. Banghua Yang, Shanghai University

Dr.   Hongwei Deng, Bioreco Sciences Limited

Dr.   Yan Chen, Huashan Hospital

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