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cortiQ rapid cortical mapping
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cortiQ rapid cortical mapping

      cortiQ allows rapid functional mapping of the cortex using the electrocorticogram (ECoG). It provides physicians with real-time results during pre-surgical evaluation for epilepsy or other conditions.

      cortiQ allows users to position the used electrode grids (selected from the cortiQ grid library) over a schematic brain map. For different tasks performed by the patient (e.g. using the Ritaccio paradigm), high gamma activity is indicated in form of red circles for all electrodes. A big red circle shows that the corresponding electrode is placed over a brain area which is highly active in the performed task.

      cortiQ is delivered as complete system, which includes:

      Biosignal amplifier - high quality biosignal amplifier with 24 Bit and 256 channels (CE approved and FDA listed)

      Real-time processing system - high performance real-time control unit to manage all devices in real-time, to analyze the signals and to visualize and store data

      Mapping system - high performance source localization and mapping system to identify brain regions

      Find the new publication "Motor Imagery with Brain-Computer Interface Neurotechnology" here. This article presents key scientific experiments and applications, including some of the latest results.

      See also the official cortiQ website!


      generate a personalized functional map of the cerebral cortex in high detail

      can be operated at the patient's bedside

      optimize surgical procedures

      optimize electrical cortical stimulation (ECS) mapping

      minimize the burden for the patient

      reduce risk for patients

      reduce hospital time and costs