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VICTOR™ X Multi label micropore board tester
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VICTOR™ X Multi label micropore board tester

Rise above the common herd, further: VICTOR ™ X multi label micropore board tester

VICTOR multi label micropore plate detecting instrument is one of the multi label plate detector the earliest investmentmarket. Over the past 10 years, it has been to ease of use and reliability. The detection instrument has the most trusted withmore powerful than previous function, namely the introduction of the next generation of VICTORX marking platform platedetector.

Superior reliability and versatility makes your research among the forefront of the industry

VICTOR ™ X is the best detection instrument's latest series, suitable for cell detection and screening is cost efficient detection. These multi label micropore board tester can measure technology in a variety of platforms, the current and future needs is designed to meet the needs of your laboratory. The instrument VICTOR X can bring no flexibility, speed and performance of a rival, research laboratory for various standard, whether academic research center, University of pharmaceutical and bio pharmaceutical screening laboratory, the development of new drugs or disease and treatment group research group, can find the most suitable products in PerkinElmer.

The leading brand of the latest version of VICTOR with reliability, previous versions of easy operation and cost effectiveness.VICTOR X series new has upgraded software platform, the customization and open design, more easily integrated into theresearch and application. Whether it is the creation of new methods, or selection method based applications and run the preset, compared to previous easier.

Detection of VICTOR X can be directly carried out various counting mode, covers all the major non radioactive counting technique, but also compatible with micro plate of various specifications from 1 to 1536 holes, and a Petri dish, glass, filter plate and Terasaki plate. Because it can meter, spectrophotometer, time-resolved fluorescence and fluorescencespectrometer work completed, it offers an excellent alternative to the user, so that you do not have to manuallyincompatible analysis instrument. Small desktop structure can be conveniently used alone, can also and automatic system together and realize automatic operation.

Relying on the powerful software and enhanced performance, VICTOR X enable you to obtain the powerful function ofindustry best tester in under budget situation. Select the VICTORX immediately start your research! The experience of your benefits by reliability, sensitivity and easy. VICTOR X is the preferred microplate you and peer tester.