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Department of rehabilitation medicine and neurosurgery of Huashan Hospital successfully hosted the 4


On November 21, 2019, the Association for the scientific study of The 4th International Congress on coma and consciousness and Huashan Forum on brain injury and disturbance of consciousness co sponsored by ASSC, Department of rehabilitation medicine and neurosurgery of Huashan Hospital, Shanghai Zhou Liangfu medical development foundation, etc. opened in the lecture hall of Hongqiao Hospital of Huashan Hospital. Academician Chen Yizhang, academician Zhou Liangfu, academician Zhao Jizong and chairman of ASSC Steven Professor Laureys, Professor Emmanuel a stamatakis of Cambridge University and other top experts in the field of consciousness research at home and abroad as well as nearly 300 scholars at home and abroad attended the event.


Academician Zhou Liangfu


Academicians Chen Yizhang and Zhao Jizong


Gan pin, Mao Ying, Wu Yi and Professor Steven laurrys

The opening ceremony was presided over by Prof. Wu Yi, one of the executive chairman and director of the Department of rehabilitation medicine of Huashan Hospital, Chinese President and academician Zhou Liangfu, director of Neurosurgery of Huashan Hospital, Professor Mao Ying, vice president of Shanghai Medical School of Fudan University and executive director of Hongqiao District of Huashan Hospital, and Steven, chairman of ASSC and Liege University of Belgium Professor laurrys delivered speeches and warmly welcomed all of you. It is expected that this academic event will focus on the theme of "focusing on brain protection after brain injury, precise treatment of coma in early stage, clinical diagnosis and treatment of consciousness disorder in rehabilitation period, rehabilitation management and multidisciplinary communication of basic research of neuroscience", pay attention to the frontier research in this field at home and abroad, and further standardize the clinical practice Diagnosis and treatment system, promote the development of disciplines. Deputy director of the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Gan frequency, was invited to attend the meeting and delivered a speech. He said that Shanghai attaches great importance to the construction of the science and technology innovation center. He hoped that in the field of consciousness, Shanghai's industry, education, research and medicine could be closely combined to create a bright future for the development of disciplines. He also wished the conference a complete success.

Chen Yizhang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was entitled neuromodulation: an underlying of brain The academic report of function describes the great progress made in neuroscience research at the cellular and molecular levels. The modulation of synaptic transmission plays a very important role in brain function. The significance of peripheral modulation of excitatory neurons can not be underestimated. It may be directly related to many important brain functions, such as the maintenance and transformation of brain functional states (such as wakefulness and sleep), model The emergence of fuzzy and chaotic feelings, which are often the characteristic manifestations and symptoms of many neurological and mental diseases.

Zhao Jizong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out in his academic report entitled disorders of consciousness in China that the national brain science and brain like research is a major scientific research project. It requires in-depth study of various brain diseases, especially the pathogenesis of major brain diseases, and to find effective diagnosis and treatment methods, which is the focus and direction of brain science research in various countries around the world.


Professor Steven Laureys, Professor Emmanuel a stamatakis, Professor Caroline schnakers, Professor Georg northhoff, Professor Nathan introtor, Professor Hesheng Liu, Professor Christoph guger, Jacobo Diego sitt, Professor Su Yingying, Professor Wu Xuehai, Professor Li Yuanqing, Professor Wu Yi, Professor Fang Jiqian, Dr. g é raldine Martens, Helena Dr. cassol, Estelle The theme reports of Dr. Bonin and other experts at home and abroad in their respective research fields, from basic research to clinical research, from cell research to molecular research, and the latest research results in various fields of brain function show the theme of the International Conference on coma and disturbance of consciousness, which makes the participants who are eager for knowledge gain a lot, and the further interaction and exchange is a spark of inspiration.

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